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Home Watch is described as "a valued service that provides assurance and protection for your home or property through regular on-site inspections." 

One of your most important investments is your home. Beacon Home Watch Services is here to protect your most valuable asset and ensure its safety while you're away. 

A designed kitchen with wooden floor

The benefits of having a home watch partner

Don't let a small issue turn into a huge headache. Hiring a qualified and trustworthy home watch company can provide you worry-free time away from from your property. At Beacon Home Watch we are intimately familiar with the problem of absentee ownership, especially in Florida's heat and humidity. We understand the needs of seasonal homeowners and also know the relief when someone qualified, insured, and trustworthy is watching over your property. Problems happen, and we're here to make sure your home is protected while you're away. 

Why Choose Us

Local, Family

Owned Company

We live in your neighborhood and we're a small, family owned company that will give your home the attention it deserves. 

Deep Understanding

Over 30 years of home maintenance experience means we know what we're looking at when we're  inspecting your home. 

Top Notch Customer Service

We offer over 50 years of  combined customer service experience. Providing stellar customer service is our promise to you. 

Licensed, registered and

We are licensed, registered,  insured and comply with all local and state regulations. 

Our Standard Services Include



We walk around the entire perimeter of your home and visually inspect for anything that might be out of place. We check the health of your lawn and plants as well as evidence for any insect or vermin issues.  


We check for roof leaks, window leaks, and any evidence of water damage. We check all doors and windows for breakage or security problems. We run all the faucets and flush the toilets. We check appliances and your AC system and check ceilings and walls for any evidence of mildew or mold.

A concrete designed bathroom
Electrican's Tools

Handyman Services

Owning a home is an exciting adventure. However, it can also be a lot of work. Problems arise, things need to be replaced, repaired or maybe you just need some assistance with a small project around the house. Call Beacon Home Watch Handyman Services for quick, reliable, and guaranteed workmanship. 

Palm Trees


Jen Babitch

I have had the pleasure of working with Paul over the years and on different projects. 

Paul has done everything for me from re-paving a driveway to a complete house renovation and expansion. The fact that I keep on returning to hire Paul and no one else speaks for itself. 

Paul provides exemplary customer service, quality of work, craftsmanship, and creativity. More importantly he is so conscientious and detail oriented that the customer never has to worry about missing something. Paul makes it a priority to communicate and make sure that his customers are kept in the loop. He does everything in his power to complete jobs in a timely fashion. 

Any customer who works with Paul in any capacity should always know that he is in excellent hands. Paul goes above and beyond to make sure that the customer’s needs are met and that everyone feels comfortable every step of the way. I would trust Paul with the biggest job on the planet with zero hesitation. 


Bob & Joan Odell

We, Bob and Joan, are residents of the Stonebridge residential community during winter months and spend the rest of the year in a coastal town near Boston. For the past three years, we've enjoyed a personal, neighborly relationship with Paul and Sharmon Simonetti, who are currently expanding their homewatch services and clientele.

I've experienced fifty years of successful construction company activities which included evaluating relationships and working skills. So I recognize a good work ethic and job knowledge when I see it.

A few years ago, during one of our many conversations, Paul asked if he could be of assistance with our home and property during our vacant period. It began with Paul "exercising" our three cars and rapidly moved on to many other aspects of property and home maintenance.

I could continue but it will suffice to finish with the day a carefully packed box arrived at our northern home, filled with Florida sunshine in the form of our "right-off-our-tree" Meyer lemons. When we called to express our surprised thanks. he also mentioned that he had visited the marina and assured us our boat was fine.

As we enjoy our time up north, there are no longer any stress related thoughts or questions about our significant property investments in Florida. That peace of mind is priceless!

The true success of all relationships is based on the foundation of trust and respect. Paul and Sharmon and Beacon Homewatch Services has repeatedly earned both.

Diane Stalkier

I just wanted to thank Paul Simonetti, the handyman that several of us have recently used within our communities and that several of you so graciously reminded to me. He was terrific and did so much for not only myself, but for my parents in the Cape as well! Thank you Paul! I will continue to call and use his handyman services (that he does) going forward when needed! 

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Your Needs

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Winkler Extension, Fort Myers, Florida


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